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ZIP and RAR Archives

GoodReader can unpack ZIP and RAR archives, including the ones protected with a password. Just tap on an archive in the file list. The app will unpack it.


You can also create ZIP archives with files and entire folders.


When creating ZIP archives, you can choose to encrypt and protect them with a password.


Zipping entire folders and subfolders is the only way to email them.



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One of my top 3 apps of all time

This app is simply amazing in many ways. I`ve been using it for years to store PDFs of journal articles I need to read to keep up with my professional development activities. I am a musician and store a great deal of sheet music with Good Reader...highly recommended if you don`t have one already....get an iPad Pro! Good Reader has a very pleasant to look at, and easy to use interface. All documents are easy to index and keep organized at home, or on-the-go. I would say that Good Reader is in my top three apps of all time. Yes, it`s that good! Developers continue to amaze me with new features...hurry up! Get this app already, and I just bet it will be one of your top applications!

Kevin-in-Honolulu, Review on the App Store

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