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Networking: Downloading Files & Folders


GoodReader offers a variety of ways to import and export files and folders, depending on where your files are located:


For more details, please check our Import Files & Folders article.


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GoodReader 5.0.3

Great app update!!! Quicker & more useable across the board. All good & amazing except even though I have excluded my audio files from Apple`s Data Protection in the security settings the app no longer plays all files in a folder in the background. It plays only 1 file then stops. It does work correctly when the App itself is open & visible. It also works correctly on the iPad version—just the iPhone version is broken. Hope this can be fixed because I use this feature a lot. It also worked correctly in older versions of GoodReader.

This app is simply the best for handling pdf`s and other text files!!!

User wil%cad>, Review on the App Store

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