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Transmit Files From Your Computer Using a USB Cable

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GoodReader USB File Transfer


USB File Transfer is the fastest and the easiest way to put files to GoodReader from your computer and back. Unlike the WiFi File Transfer, there`s no need to go through a complicated WiFi setup process and frustration of a WiFi network Troubleshooting. Apple provides a way to transfer files between apps and a Mac computer using a USB cable. The steps can vary depending on your macOS version but basically it works like this:


• Connect your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch to your computer via a USB cable and open either iTunes (for older systems) or Finder (for newer systems). Here`s official Apple`s instructions on how to do it:

• Select the device in the appropriate application.

• Select GoodReader in the list of Apps.

• Drag single or multiple files and folders from the file browser on the computer onto GoodReader.

• The transfer also works in the opposite direction.


This method will only show you the root folder known in GoodReader as My Documents. It will not allow you to drill into subfolders. But you can always use GoodReader`s File Management features to move files and folders further into the folder hierarchy.

Please note that GoodReader`s Downloads and iCloud folders are not accessible for USB transfer. Use GoodReader to move or copy files out of these folders before attempting transferring them to a computer via USB.


None of the encrypted files are accessible via a USB cable either. Depending on the Security mode you`ve chosen for your encryption, either decrypt files before transferring them, or use a special Unencrypted folder that will be fully visible from your computer.


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