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GoodReader Main Screen Controls

With GoodReader, it`s easy to download PDF files from your computer, your hard drive, and cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and others.


GoodReader can view other files types including TXT, HTML, and Microsoft Office formats.


You can organize your files in folders. You can email individual files or zip together multiple files.


You can open files in other apps that support Document Interchange (sharing documents across apps).


You can configure popular mail services like Gmail or IMAP or POP to browse mail messages that contain attachments and save them.


Here is a quick guide explaining what each button on the main screen of GoodReader does:




Buttons and controls on the main screen:


Top Left Corner:


  • Path Control

    Tap on one of the parent folders to open it. Alternatively, you can swipe the left edge of the screen to go up the file hierarchy level by level.


Top Right Corner:


    • View Setup

      Use this menu to switch between icon view and thumbnail view, single or multi-column view, and to change the sorting order of files.


Bottom Line:


  • Add

    This button opens a menu with the most popular Add functions — Create New Folder, Import from Files, Import from Photos, etc.


  • Manage Files

    Use this button to enter the File Management mode - a mode where you can select files and folders and perform all kinds of file management operations.


  • Find

    Quickly find files and folders.


  • Recents

    Quickly find recent files.


  • Starred

    Quickly find starred files and folders.


  • Back to Reading

    Instantly open the last read file.


  • Connect

    Opens up the Connect panel where you can access external file storages, and the built-in web browser.


  • Sync

    GoodReader can automatically sync individual files and entire folders to their remote versions hosted on online servers.


  • Settings

    Application Settings.


  • Trash

    Much like a Trash folder on a computer, this button brings up the list of files deleted within the last 30 days.


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Love the new Good Reader!

I have used GoodReader since 2010. I downloaded the new update a week ago. I was very nervous about it, because I don`t like major changes in the products I use. But the new (basic) GoodReader is great! I only use a tiny fraction of its capabilities, but am very happy with what I`ve seen so far. Specifically, it used to be that if I was reading a large text file (say, an 800-page book), and needed to mark a problem, if I didn`t put in a bookmark first, I was unable to return to the same point in the document once I had saved my editorial comment. This is no longer the case—hurray! I edit the text, click "Save and close," and am immediately taken right back to where I made the note. Another feature that I love is being able to email the files, without having to use The Cloud or Dropbox. What a wonderful addition to the app—it makes my job so much easier! I can only imagine the additional capabilities that exist within the professional package. I don`t need those, so am thrilled that users are given the option of purchasing the package or not.

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