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Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

GoodReader is a professional text to speech program that instantly reads out loud text, pdfs & ebooks with natural sounding voices.


First, transfer a file to GoodReader (see: How To Import Files & Folders), then tap a file name to open it.


Press the Sound button to read the file out loud. Use the Speak menu to select a language and adjust the speed of the speech.




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Great App

This app takes so many different formats and stores them it`s simply amazing. Today I needed some documents that were sent to me as a PDFs file that I had to transfer to my work pc, send to to my HP all in one printer. I needed only 4 of the 31 pages so I scanned them them and then emailed them as a zip file back to my personal email account. I clicked on the zip file, and it opened in GoodReader which unzipped the zip files and I had the 4 pages I needed. Now that I`m writing this I`m realizing I could have probably cut out the middle of steps and gone straight to GoodReader and gotten everything done right in GoodReader. This app will always be on my iPad!

weeble57, Review on the App Store

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