GoodReader User Manual

Viewing Other Files

For file types that are not covered by our own advanced viewing engines, we use standard built-in viewing engine, which should be familiar to you from your Safari application experience. When you open any file in Safari, you activate the same viewing engine that we use for the following file types: Microsoft Office files - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML files and Safari webarchives, iWork files - Pages, Numbers, Keynote.

Please note that the built-in viewer doesn't support very large MS Office files. If your MS Office file crashes built-in viewing engine, we suggest to convert it to a PDF file. PDF files of huge sizes are easily handled by GoodReader using our own advanced viewing engine.

When you open any file, you can see a navigation menu and a button bar, which you can use to close a file and to select actions with buttons.

This navigation menu and button bar soon will disappear to give you more viewing space.

To bring the menu and the buttons back you have to quickly tap in the middle of the screen (this applies to every file type).

Print your files on AirPrint-enabled printers

You can temporarily lock screen autorotations if you feel that sudden rotations are a little annoying when you're reading in bed.

Some links are automatically detected and highlighted in MS Office and other files - phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URL-links (actual detected types are different in different iOS versions). You can tap them to trigger. This option can be turned off in Viewing other files section of Application Settings. Please note that links in HTML files and Safari webarchives are explicitly defined inside a file, therefore changing automatic link detection option will not affect those links.

Note on viewing HTML files

When viewing HTML files, three types of links should work - links to different places within the same document, links to local files and links to online web-sites. However, due to iOS limitations, not all links trigger events. You may see the link, click it, and nothing will happen.

There's a simple workaround for this that works in many cases. Tap a link and hold it for a while. System menu will pop up with the choice of actions. Select Open action. The link should open. If it doesn't open, select Copy (this will copy the URL address to clipboard) and then press Follow the Link from Clipboard button: