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GoodReader PDF Repair

You can use GoodReader to analyze PDF files against corruption, repair or recover content from corrupt files.


First, transfer a file to GoodReader (see: How To Import Files & Folders), then tap a file name to open it.


When you open such a file in GoodReader, the app will offer you a chance to repair the file. If the repair process succeeds, it means that we`ve found a known error and fixed it. Problem solved. However, if the repair process fails, we strongly encourage you to send us this file so we could study the error and try to figure out the way to improve GoodReader`s PDF Repair process.

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Best app on my iPad Mini

I`m a latecomer to GoodReader, but it is probably the single most useful app on my iPad Mini. It makes PDFs so legible and readable—like having the book right in front of me—and if I pull out my Pencil to start taking notes directly on the "page," it will "intelligently" ask me if I`d like to make a copy of the PDF specifically for annotations. (It`s great for manuals, especially if you play tabletop RPGs or complicated board games. I don`t, but maybe you do!)

Because this software is so powerful, the UI is cumbersome and super tough to just dive into. But I really recommend GoodReader if you have a Dropbox of PDFs you work with—this is like an easy-to-organize frontend for those.

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