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If you're a developer of iOS apps interested in offering your customers a convenient way to use powerful GoodReader's abilities to read and annotate PDF files, you've come to the right place.

SendToGoodReader SDK

We're offering a special SDK that allows you to send files and folders (as well as complex collections of files and folders) to GoodReader app with just one function call. Additionally, you will be able to receive an edited (annotated) file back to your app once the user is done with this file in GoodReader and has pressed a special Save Back button in GoodReader.

The SDK is very straightforward and easy-to-use. And it is free of charge.

Sending files to GoodReader and receiveng them back doesn't require an Internet access, so your customers will not have to worry about additional charges, bad or missing connections and other related issues.

You can download the "SendToGoodReader SDK" by clicking this link. You will get a ZIP file. Make sure that its MD5 signature matches this one: 23cd10feca5fdf3a469c75a7721f2a60

All the necessary directions on how to compile and use the SDK are provided within comments of a header file found inside the downloaded ZIP archive.

If you have any questions regarding this SDK, visit our support page and enter the "SendToGoodReader SDK" line in the subject field.


Version history

v.1.0 - initial release

v.1.1 - a fix for minor issues specific to iOS 7

v.1.2 - a build for arm64 architecture

v.1.3 - iOS Simulator support


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